Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I ever lose more than my Investment?
  • You can only lose the capital (Money) you deposited into your trading account if your position is still open e.g. the trade. If the trade continues to go against you (losing trade), it will only force your account to close position when it uses up all your capital.
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  • Can I pull out / leave at any point?
  • Yes you can pull out at any point however if you do incur any loses and request a refund you will have to continue trading with us until your free trial period is over.
  • Is it a rolling month contract after the free signals trial?
  • Yes, it is, we will charge you monthly however if you wish to close your signals account you must notify your signals manager 3 days before hand.
  • Will I be shown how to receive signal trades and place trades?
  • Yes you will be shown how to connect to our servers, a video tutorial will be sent by your account manager or one of our customer services team will schedule a call with you to guide you step by step.
  • Do the profits from my trades count as a second income?
  • Yes profits from your trades do count as a second income.
  • Do I need to pay tax on any profit made from my trades?
  • No you are not liable to any tax until your profits are more than £10,000 once you have gone over that limit we would advise you employ an accountant.
  • Can I withdraw my profits at any point in time?
  • Yes you can, however you can only withdraw after the free trial as stated in our subscription contract.
  • How many Trades can I expect a week?
  • We try to place a maximum of 6 trades per day depending on the market conditions.
  • Can Forex trading work around my current job?
  • Of course, thanks to our new duplication software you will be able to receive trades anywhere, anytime and anyplace. All you need is a laptop, Mobile and internet connection.
  • What is a trading platform?
  • Online trading platforms let you make trades anywhere. These forex brokers all offer apps or an online service for access to your account wherever you are.
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  • Who are the financial regulators?
  • The FCA and CYSEC are regulatory bodies who regulate Forex brokers, this is to ensure that they are following rules and regulations.
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